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If you're facing DUI charges, finding a DUI defense attorney is essential. When you need a DUI attorney in High Point, NC, turn to The Law Office of Stan H. Dick. Attorney Dick can educate you about the possible outcomes for your case and help you navigate the legal process.

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Understanding the Consequences of A DUI Conviction

A DUI charge is a serious situation. Depending on your record, you could be facing the following penalties if you're convicted of a DUI:

  • Vehicle confiscation

  • Permanent license suspension

  • Temporary license suspension

It's also possible that the government may require you to use an ignition interlock device with your vehicle. With such a heavy toll, a DUI conviction can drastically alter your life. Losing the ability to drive could mean losing job opportunities. If you're facing a DUI charge, meet with a DUI attorney today.

Facing DUI Charges?

Frequently Asked Questions About DUIs

Can I Be Convicted if I Blew Below a .08 on The Breathalyzer?

Yes. If the State can offer sufficient evidence that you were appreciably impaired while you were driving, they can obtain a conviction even if you blew below a .08. This could be because of other substances in your system, or because you are highly susceptible to the effects of alcohol. However, it is generally much harder for the State to make a case where you blew at a lower level.

Can I Get My License Back After I'm Charged?

When you are charged with a DUI, your license can be taken in Civil Revocation. This is a separate issue from the criminal charge. If your license was valid at the time of the charge, you can get your license back after 30 days by paying $100.00 to the Clerk of Court's office. It is a good idea to do this. Otherwise, if you are stopped driving, you can be charged with Driving While License Revoked. Further, you cannot get your license back until this fee is paid. There is a process that will allow you to get the license back after 10 days as well. A number of steps are involved in this process.

Can I Be Found Guilty if I Didn't Blow the Breathalyzer?

Yes. The State can make a case based on the testimony of the officer and other witnesses as to evidence of impairment. This is more difficult than making the case based on a breathalyzer or blood test result, but far from impossible. If you refuse to blow the breathalyzer but are convicted, you face two periods of revocation. One results from the refusal to blow, the second from the conviction.

Can I Get a Limited Privilege if I Blew a .15 or Above?

If you blew a .15 you can get a Limited Privilege, but you will be required to get an Ignition Interlock installed in your car. Further, you will not be able to apply for the Limited Privilege until the Interlock is installed, and until 45 days after the date of conviction. As a result, there will be a minimum period of 45 days when you cannot legally drive. This is in addition to the period that you cannot drive as a result of a Civil Revocation.

If the Officer Didn't Read Me My Rights, Do They Have to Throw out The Charge?

No. This is a common misimpression. If they don't read you your rights after they have taken you into custody, they cannot use what you say against you. If they are making the case based on physical tests, the officer's testimony, and/or breathalyzer, then the failure to read your rights is irrelevant to the case.

What if I Have Been Convicted Previously?

If you have had a prior conviction within 7 years if the date of the pending offense, you are subject to a minimum period of jail time if you are convicted. Also, you may be subject to a longer period of license revocation and you may not be able to obtain a limited driving privilege.